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The selection of race and ‘work it is for the farmers and is done through a thorough study of the standard, test the character of those players (ZTP – BH – IPO), particularly their health by X-ray (for the control of dysplasia and elbows), ensure that they are free from hereditary diseases, subject to subject their expert judgment.

If you want to get a puppy quality that reflects the kind of belonging in its morphological, genetic and character, not ‘enough to pair two parties belonging to the same race: For a subject that fully reflects the standard of the breed to which he belongs must speak of GENEALOGICAL SELECTION.

Genealogy and ‘just the result of the work of a breeder, therefore, we can not find a baby high genealogy at the home of an individual or from breeders who DO NOT MAKE A SELECTION OF WORK.

A serious breeder, conscientious, which is a work of selection and provides certain guarantees regarding the non-transmissibility ‘of genetic diseases, their typicality’ and their balance must ‘always be distinct and can not’ maintain the same prices as a breeder and / or private work is not using the same selection criteria imposed by the ethics of their activities’ so ‘as already’ case in Germany, the German Rottweiler Club (ADRK) does not authorize the reproduction of persons who are not in possession the requirement of the ZTP (by both parties breeders), and if so ‘not there would be no difference between a breeder (who should do a proper job of selection) and those who produce puppies “at random” (so-called Awnings)! .

Entering into the merits of the Rottweiler breed, the selection required, valid for all persons without distinction, involves:

– X-ray hips and elbows (HD – ED) (official examination attesting to the exemption of dysplasia)

– ZTP (certificate of aptitude for playback) the purpose and ‘to ensure use in breeding of individuals with the skills and morphological traits in the standard and disregard those unfit to reproduce, in a single test are tested: exemption dysplasia, absence of defects reported by disqualification transmitted to teeth, entropion, ectropion, lack of testicles, a morphological judgment by an expert judge of the breed, character and balance of the subject.

– BH – CAE tests to certify a dog socially reliable and behavior problems in daily life even within the same household

In the event that a farmer intends to deepen its work of selection could expose their subjects to a test animal (IPO)

On the purchase of the puppy always ask the breeder to show us that he really put his players through the above selection the performance of the relevant documents, failure to produce these documents and pedigree (certificate of registration in the herd book) showing the inside (right side) the degree of dysplasia Hip (HD) and elbow (ED) may be subject to an INCORRECT playback.

FCI Classification of degrees hip dysplasia: HD A normal, HD B almost normal, HD C light dysplasia (yet admitted), HD D average dysplasia (not allowed), HD severe dysplasia.

CLASSIFICATION FCI degree elbow dysplasia: ED 0, AND BL, ED 1, ED 2 allowed, AND 3 not allowed

The cost of the puppy and quality ‘driven mainly by SELECTION, so if a farm is not’ committed to improving the breed through careful selection, but it ‘s only interested in the sale of puppies, beware!